August Bank Holiday – Beer Festival & Family Fun Day

Peeping Tom Event PosterWhat better way to spend an enjoyable (and hopefully sunny) August Bank Holiday afternoon? Come along to the Greenway Trust’s Beer Festival and Family Fun Day at the Peeping Tom pub in Cromwell Lane, Burton Green between 12.00 and 5.00 pm. Admission is free!

Good drink, good food, and something for all the family to enjoy! Have fun while helping to raise funds for the Greenway Trust.

Analysis of User Survey Responses So Far

A big thank you to the 215 people who have so far completed and returned our Greenway User Survey, either in hard copy form or online via this web site. If you haven’t yet completed one there is still plenty of time to do so (, but we thought it would be interesting to show the results so far.

Note that we haven’t yet collated the many reports of sighting of potentially rare or unusual wildlife along the Greenway – this will follow later.

analysis of survey responses at 17.07.14The address locations of respondents shows a wide spread – from Kenilworth, Burton Green, Coventry, Berkswell/Balsall Common, elsewhere in Warwick District, and even further afield.

The frequency of use data demonstrates the important part that the Greenway plays in the daily lives of many respondents, with 65% using it more often than weekly, and 20% using it at least 20 times per month.

The Use of Greenway question allowed for multiple answers, hence the percentages sum to more than 100%. 63% of respondents use the Greenway for cycling, followed by walkers, dog walkers, runners and horse riders.

To view the graphs in more detail, click the link below:-

Greenway User Counts – Analysis of Results

Over the last two weekends members of the Greenway Trust have been carrying out counts of users of the Greenway at two locations, in Burton Green and Kenilworth respectively. While we have the total daily user data recorded automatically by the electronic counter just north of the Coventry Road bridge, we wanted to establish a more detailed pattern of usage. The results of the counts have now been analysed. All data is presented in terms of hourly rates.

user count bg 06.07.14At Burton Green on the morning of Sunday 6th July, we counted a total of 344 users over a period of just over 4 hours, a rate of 84 per hour. 50% were cyclists, then walkers, dog walkers, runners and horse riders in that order. Directions of travel were well split across all six options, with a lot of users entering or exiting the Greenway via the Cromwell Lane ramp.

To view the graph in more detail, click the link below:-


user count bg 12.07.14On the following Saturday morning (12th July) at Burton Green, total numbers were quite a bit lower, with an hourly rate of 33. The proportion of cyclists was even higher at 63%, as was the proportion entering or exiting the Greenway via the Cromwell Lane ramp.

To view the graph in more detail, click the link below:-


user count ken 06.07.14At the Kenilworth location (the junction with the University route) on Sunday 6th July, the total hourly rate was higher at 91. Again cyclists were in the majority (53%). The majority of users were going straight along the Greenway in either direction, but with a sizeable minority going between Kenilworth and the University or the reverse.

To view the graph in more detail, click the link below:-

user count ken 12.07.14On the Saturday at Kenilworth, the reduction in usage rate compared with the Sunday was not as marked as at Burton Green. 74 users per hour were recorded. The proportion of cyclists was lower at 43%, with a higher proportion of walkers. Again, most movements were up and down the main Greenway.

To view the graph in more detail, click the link below:-

The HS2 petition by the Greenway Trust is now on the web site

greeway background x-wide compressedThe Greenway Trust is petitioning the HS2 Parliamentary Select Committee seeking major improvements to the mitigation measures for the Greenway currently planned by HS2 Ltd. Without these improvements we fear that the unique and irreplaceable beauty and attraction of the Greenway will be lost for ever.

The text of the petition is at:

Greenway User Counts

DSCF2052Members of the Greenway Trust carried out user counts at two locations on the Greenway last Sunday (6th July) – at the bottom of the Cromwell Lane ramp in Burton Green, and at the point north of the Coventry Road bridge in Kenilworth where the route to the University joins the main Greenway. We are doing this to build our evidence base in support of our HS2 petition to the Parliamentary Select Committee.

In about four hours we counted nearly seven hundred user movements across the two locations – walkers, dog walkers, runners, cyclists and horse riders.

We’re repeating the count THIS SATURDAY (12TH JULY). If you could spare an hour or two to help some time between 9.00 am – 2.00 pm on that day, please contact JOHN WHITEHOUSE on or phone him on 07866 568333.


Wildflowers Set to Brighten Up Crackley Bridge

Ecology ButtonThe Greenway Trust is delighted to be collaborating with Warwickshire Country Parks in an attempt to establish a wildflower meadow on the embankment adjacent to the new pedestrian/cycle bridge over the A429 Coventry Road in Kenilworth.  The preparatory works are now complete and the sowing of native wildflower mixes is due to take place as follows:

Date:   Saturday 8th March
Time:  1pm for 2 hours max
Meet:  Adjacent to the noticeboard beneath the bridge over the A429
Attire: Gardening clothes (or similar), sturdy footwear, gloves
Tasks:  Sowing of wild flower seeds

If you would like to get involved, then please drop an email to so that we get an idea of likely numbers.

Latest use figures point to Greenway success

The latest figures from the automatic counter near to the A429 Coventry Road bridge reveal an average of almost 4000 users of the Greenway during the warmer months of 2013.  Chairman of the Greenway Trust, Nick Hillard commented: “We know that the improvement works to the Greenway have led to substantially more people exploring its benefits … these figures clearly demonstrate the success of the scheme”.

Greenway Use 2012-13